Waterproof & Punch-free Toilet Paper Storage Box & Shelf with Double-layer Design, Strong Bearing Capacity, One-click Opening and Hook

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Auxiliary tool for bathroom storage. This storage rack has tissue boxes, drawers,  shelves, telephone racks and hooks, which can be used to store your daily necessities. Open the tissue box with one click, convenient and hygienic. 360 ° waterproof design, suitable for bathroom. Suitable for storing all types of paper towels. The zigzag exit makes it easy to tear the tissue. There are two paper towel outlets for roll paper and draw paper. The transparent visible window is used to quickly grasp the remaining amount of toilet paper. Mobile phone stand design can provide a safe place for your mobile phone. The movable hook on the side can be used to hang some jewelry or bathroom products. The leather drawer handle allows you to quickly open the drawer. It can be installed without punching holes and will not damage the wall. Installation method: 1. Wipe the surface of the wall with a dry cloth; 2. Peel off the protective film of the sticker; 3. Paste it on the wall and discharge the air; 4. Fix the storage box on the sticker. It has strong load-bearing ability and will not fall. Size: Ship directly from the manufacturer. Guarantee 100% satisfaction!