Table Tennis Trainer with 2 Elastic Soft Shaft Leisure Ping-Pong Decompression Sports for Beginner and Kids Indoor or Outdoor Use Table Tennis Bat Set

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[High-quality materials]: The base is made of thick stainless steel material of about 3mm / 0.12in + EVA material of 0.3mm / 0.12in, which is strong. The support bar of the table tennis training device is made of a very elastic material and can be hit multiple times in a row. The elasticity is good, the ball will not fall, and there is no need to pick up the ball everywhere.
🏓 【Product size】: Racket size: 25 * 15cm / 9.84 * 5.91in. Straight ball: 4 cm / 1.57 inches, flexible shaft length: 90 cm (35.4 inches) / 110 cm (43.3 inches), base size: 15 cm * 0.3 cm (6 * 0.1 inches).
🏓 [Easy installation]: This flexible flexible shaft portable table tennis trainer, without a table, is suitable for beginners. Easy to install and use, easy to carry.
🏓 [Indoor and outdoor playability]: You can play alone or double or even more people. Suitable for young / middle-aged / elderly / children over 4 years old. Open the table tennis tour anytime, anywhere. The ping pong coach's elastic flexible shaft will test your skills, responsiveness, eye and hand coordination. Scope of application: family, school, office, kindergarten.
🏓 【Package contents】: 2 flexible shafts (length 90cm, 110cm), 2 table tennis rackets, 3 table tennis