Arc-Pro Mini Master Welder

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The Welder’s Choice For A STICK/TIG Package! 

The Arc-Pro Mini-Master Welder® is using advanced IGBT inverter technology, which significantly reduces the size and weight of the welder.

In addition, the noise is reduced, the overall efficiency of the welder is improved, and the energy-saving effect is REMARKABLE. The Arc-Pro Mini-Master Welder® comes equipped with an advanced intelligent digital display control that is easy to use and has the characteristics of very little splash and stable current.


1. Digital Display.  The digital display easily adjusts the current and understands the condition of the welder.

2. Advanced IGBT Technology. Ensures a stable and large welding power. 

3. High-Frequency Inverter. Features quick arcing and less welding splash.

4. Easily Portable. Lightweight and small with 220V of power.


Rated input power capacity: 25KVA

Rated frequency: 50/60Hz

Efficiency: 92%

Power factor: 0.9

Protection grade: IP21

Welding rod diameter: 1.6-2.5mm

Suitable material: stainless steel, carbon steel, low alloy steel. The best welding plate thickness: 2-6mm

Arc Current:20-250A

Pulse Frequency:50/60HZ

Pilot Arc Current:20-250A


Package includes:


1x Inverter arc welding machine

1x Operator’s manual

1x T-wrench

1x Insulated electrode holder

1x Quick plug

1x Power plug

1x Strap

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The operation of the Arc-Pro Mini Master Welder® is the sole responsibility of the user. In association with the product, The Trend Supply makes no warranties of any kind, either express or implied. All the accessories except the welding machine are subject to availability.