2 slice toaster bread machine and adjustable 6 button pasta making machine

Regular price $69.99

Size: 220x130x155mm

220 ~ 240V

50 / 60Hz frequency

600 700 watt power supply

Material of plastic

Package includes: 1x22 slice toaster

1 X Operation Manual


Use it to heat toast or-a convenient and healthy breakfast in minutes. Suitable for different types of bread, white bread, whole meal bread, biscuits, frozen, etc.

Insert thin or thick bread into the wide slot. Easy to slide out of the crumb tray for easy cleaning. Keep the kitchen clean and tidy at the kabelaufwicklung below.

Adjustable shadow 6 1 6 kinds of bread, let you to the brown shadow you want. The hochauftriebs lever automatically drags such bread so it is easy to remove.

Easy to disassemble, easy to clean, keep clean and tidy. Let you remove or debris before you burn the dishes. By transferring the elevator lever, you can retrieve hot bread safely.

Easy to adapt to various frying processes, such as bagels, bread. You can toast 2 slices of bread or bagels-times. 600 ~ 700 watts, enjoy a quick and healthy breakfast.

Automatically click on the high-lift lever; manual stop function can easily interrupt each toasting process at any time.


Adjustable setting 6 provides browning options over and over again, making your favorite choice.

The stop function allows you to organize at the bottom of it, if necessary.

Economic choice with stylish appearance and fixed design